‘Anthem’ Xiao Ming & Xiao Hong

Two indie artists, who worked for years, will make their show, “Xiao Ming & Xiao Hong”, a programme of cooperation which has been incubated for a long time, to public for the first time.

There is more than one intersection extending to multi-plane in one restricted space visually, and we call it “corner” in architectural structures. At least three planes shape an open but limited space, and then, here we comes out an intuitionistic concept of space—room. In morphological specificity, corner is the steadiest part in a room when compared with other structures and it gives people a sense of security and belonging. In terms of “Xiao Ming & Xiao Hong”, it is a magical place gathered spatial dimensions and infinity. They use paper, the simplest material, to copy all corners in the room and reshape a parallel space overlapping the real one. What’s more, they will combine monophonic duet with this installation to find some unknown but exist space by the reflection and resonance of sound.

It is only belong to them, an anthem about space.

Openging: 25 May, 5-8pm, Friday
Date: 25 May - 29 June
Location: 50B Fengxian Rd, G/F, Shanghai (near Shimen Er Road)