05.20 - 06.10 ‘Reading Aloud’
Curator: Chen Zhou

The reading focuses on a group of writers of our time, their work are currently considered as unfashionable, sometimes even ‘un-read-able’. However, their writings have demonstrated strong natures of contemporary society. The first reason is that these writings are all based on contemporary life to some extent; secondly, instead of being heroic and hypnotic idea export, their writings have managed to acquire high level of openness, and even being reflective. The writings reflect the spiritual moments of the readers under the contemporary lives, and thus, generate some personal communications and thoughts.

The potential aim of this reading is to extract the artistic components from the work and present them in a special space (the space of reading). We have invited five writers and five performers, who will pair up to break the conventional experience of public reading. They will interact to expand the openness of the site: while the narrative writings being abstractly performed through stories, the abstract performances will deconstruct the narrative writings at the same time.