09.03 - 09.30 ‘RAW NOTES · SEPTEMBER’

Welcome to this world. At this moment, it is crowded and hard to distinguish between what languages people use to communicate. Perhaps it is the humidity of the monsoon air and the excessive exhaust that covers their skin tones; the secrets that seep out of collisions of flowing bodies that cross each another. Some words require an excessive, feigned focus and tension to spill out; some words might not be qualified to become a sentence, and are left waiting for the sting of a fat fly passing by. The spirits of traditional societies are worshiped and observed by oral law (social rules), religion and literary traditions. Poets and storytellers are the recorders, performers and the consciousness of societies and bodies. Here, the world between one reality and another is unveiled.

Benny Shaffer, Cheng Xinhao, Chen Zhou,  Never Mind Workshop, Song Ta, Ce Zhenhao, Xu Zhe,  Yan Jun, Yang Yuanyuan, Tant Zhong