03.21 - 05.26 ‘RAW NOTES · Vol.2’

Welcome to this world. At this moment, it is crowded and hard to distinguish between what languages people use to communicate. Perhaps it is the humidity of the monsoon air and the excessive exhaust that covers their skin tones; the secrets that seep out of collisions of flowing bodies that cross each another. Some words require an excessive, feigned focus and tension to spill out; some words might not be qualified to become a sentence, and are left waiting for the sting of a fat fly passing by. The spirits of traditional societies are worshiped and observed by oral law (social rules), religion and literary traditions. Poets and storytellers are the recorders, performers and the consciousness of societies and bodies. Here, the world between one reality and another is unveiled.

The Raw Notes series started from last September in 2017. As an on-going project, Raw Notes focus on these unfinished long-term artistic research with view of camera. Through compiling and screening various materials and documentaries, we explore the relationship between "simultaneity" and "different places," between "I" and "we," between "you" and "them." We invite more younger artists join in the Raw Notes Vol.2, and a series of workshops will be arranged by artists during the exhibition. 

Cheng Xinhao, Chen Zhou, Gao Mingyan, Liu Wenting, Mai Mai, Wang Banyu, Wang Yuyu, Uqin, Yu Ji, Zhao Chuan, Zheng Limin, Boat Zhang

工作坊之一 / 2018.4.15 <四+4> 徐程, 丁悉, 于吉, 赵川
工作坊之二 / 2018.5.13 <冷笑话可以用微波炉加热吗假如不能怎么办游戏大会> 钟云舒, btr, 赖非, 大洋彼岸的谭天
工作坊之三 / 2018.6.2-6.3 <从分子理解材料:ChemisArt> 程新皓
工作坊之四 / 2018.6.11-6.15 <影像写作> 康赫