07.12 MEETING POINT II, Draft Theater: Real Facts Practice 2020.7 Grass Stage

Initiating from the theater workshop and discussion on the “real facts” about the pandemic, the 2020 Grass Stage participants gradually intended to step into their own truths and present their ways of exploring these truths, though during the creation, everyone brought about merely the atmosphere of rituals and fables. Was it due to the forbidden topic that no one dared to touch upon or due to the twisting nature of “truth” itself? Despite this, however, we still wanted to reveal or remind the audience the tension between various “detachment images” and reality in the integration of the collective through step-by-step exploration. 

Grass Stage aimed to view personal interests, experiences and energies back in history through workshops, discussions and performances, thereby stimulating the vitality of criticism, discovery and change. This was the path many participants jointly constructed in their exploration since 2005, which was related to the Social Theater, the Interrogating Theater and the Draft theater the Grass Stage experimented.