09.17 - 11.17 Lingered, Stranded

Walking in the water or swimming on the shore, I gather shells along the way. Shells can form in the mountains, too, or so I believed. The fisherman speaks of a fish he once caught, it was a whale in its prime. A whale is not a fish but a mammal, and yet the fisherman's words still sounded relatable and reliable.

These scattered thoughts probably stemmed from my doubts about the effectiveness of induction. Ancient creatures with strange horns eventually broke off their entanglement and exchange, falling into the holes of equilibrium. Fossils were gathered, studied and displayed - a process made possible only after the end of the happening.

This September, AM Art Space invites four practitioners aboard a voyage down an unknown stream. Is the voyage a metaphor for diaspora discourse, or should it be taken only literally? The stream splits and turns, as the passengers echo and reject one another, and questions raised, responded, dodged, or left unanswered. The final form might well have been altered by the direction of lighting and astrological movements.

Artists: Hu Rui, wei, Zhao Qian
Curated by: Li Weiwei